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Offering a compassionate space to explore personal challenges, available 24/7 for your emotional well-being

(831) 621-5216
Daily planner

Cheerfully orchestrates your daily tasks and priorities, ensuring a productive and stress-free day

(562) 568-9264
Parenting coach

Empathetic guidance for nurturing strong, healthy family relationships anytime

(606) 708-8473
Tech support

Solves your tech troubles with patience and expertise, ready to assist around the clock

(606) 766-2556
Idea partner

Helps shape your ideas into actionable plans with a burst of inspiration whenever you need a spark

(856) 219-0371
Journaling pal

Captures your thoughts, helping to turn fleeting moments into a lasting personal narrative

(828) 581-4387
Your AI bot

Design your own AI bot with a phone number. Call to learn more - this call is free!

(606) 766-0983
Call an AI - Human-like AIs, available via phone 24/7 | Product Hunt
Set up a voice AI for your business or personal use case

Call Max, our conversational AI at (606) 766-0983 to explore the potential of voice AI for your business.

Whether you're interested in enhancing customer support and sales, streamlining training, elevating executive assistance, or even pioneering AI podcast hosts, our team is ready to tailor a voice AI solution that integrates seamlessly with your operations. From customizing AI to recognize specific facets of your business to connecting with essential software for actionable intelligence—like managing your calendar, emails, tasks, or augmenting customer support systems—let us transform your dream into a cutting-edge reality.

What is this?

Call an AI is a project build by the Toolkit AI team. We're interested in building towards useful, curious, proactive AI teammates, thought partners, and companions.

We want to push the envelope of what is possible with the latest AI technologies including voice, tool-use, knowledge and memory.

AI that's available over phone is fun!

  • You can save a phone number as a contact, and it's available 24/7.
  • You can talk while you're driving or on the go. Letting you access advanced AI as easily as making a phone call to a friend.
  • Get a copy of your transcript and audio. This makes it an easy way to capture important info on the go - we've been using these AI as ways to work through ideas, and capture daily journals. What would you like to see us do on this front?

Here are a few directions we're exploring

  • Remembers you, and builds a relationship. We're working on adding memory from previous calls - so for example the daily journaling assistant or therapist can know what you talked about on your last call.
  • Takes your feedback and improves. We would love to see AI that can adapt to you, so ideally these AI can take your feedback, and improve each time you call.
  • Schedule your calls daily or weekly. Have the AI call you at predefined times, and add it to your calendar. This is great for a daily gratitude journal, executive assistant support, therapy or coaching sessions.
  • Choose the bot's voice. We want to let you customize the AI, whether that's tone, voice or more.
  • Integrations. We're starting to add more and more integrations to these AI - ask it to send you an email, add a note to your Notion, schedule something on your calendar, Google nearby restaurants or more - what would you like the voice AI to be able to do?
  • Build and share your own AI. Give us a call and tell us what Voice AI you'd like to see here, and what you'd want us to build. We're hoping to over time introduce an easy-to-use interface for building and customizing your own AI.
  • Talk to the voice AI over Zoom/Meet/Teams or the web. We're starting with phone, but we plan to make these AI available over Zoom/Meet/Teams and more.
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